Upgrade your energy with crystals

Upgrade your energy with crystals

Let me start with a few basic questions: Do you have a phone? Do you have the latest version upgraded in it? Do you love to follow the latest movies or fashion trends? Do you like being updated with the headlines?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you will agree to what i am going to explain in this post also.

We all are energy souls and in in order to function at a high energy frequency, it is very important that we upgrade our energies also. Here is when the crystals come to our rescue. All you need to do is choose a crystal that resonates with your date of birth or towards which you feel drawn towards.

After selecting the above energy crystal, you can start energising it and filling it with your intent. You can follow these modes for doing this:

  1. Sleeping with the crystal
  2. Bathing with the crystal
  3. Meditating with the crystal
  4. Manifesting with the crystal
  5. Talking to the crystal

By spending more time with the crystal, you will be able to tap into their energies and this is how your energy level will automatically start getting upgraded. Make sure you keep cleansing the crystal since just like human bodies, they also need refreshment in order to constantly function.

Anamika Rana

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