Manifestation with Crystals

Manifestation with Crystals

Yes, you read it right! YOU can MANIFEST with crystals simply by tuning into their energies and setting the right intention.

For manifestation purpose, the best crystals that you can use are the ones which are recommended based on the date of birth (you can visit the product section Numerology Crystals ) or a simple clear quartz crystal.

All you have to do is hold the crystal in your hand and cleanse it through any of the modes which i have discussed in the Crystal Cleansing blog. After that, you can take 3 easy deep breaths and then think of the intention or wish that you want to manifest. While doing this process, you can also thin k of any happy moment in the past, present or future that makes you connect better with the intent and live the emotions in it.

If you find it tough to focus on the intent initially, then you can play some soft instrumental music in the background. Do this process for at least 3-9 minutes daily either in the morning after waking up or before going to sleep at night for a consistent period of 40 days.

Share your experience with us <3

Happy Manifesting!

Anamika Rana

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