How do I know which crystal to use?

How do I know which crystal to use

It is absolutely normal to feel confused when it comes to deciding which crystal to use. I personally still feel that there is no one crystal which can be my all time favorite; so i keep changing and experimenting with them every time and notice how it is affecting my life on a daily basis.

I suggest that you just take some time to play and look around at the crystals on the site. Look for the ones that “sparkle” out to you. Think about the reason or intention for which you want a crystal partner. The moment you feel drawn to its color or shape or composition, take it. Do not over think, just go for it.

This is how i used to also initially play around with crystals and learn new stuff about their vibrations. Trust me its a fun process and you wont even realize how you’ll start tapping into their energies!

Anamika Rana

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