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About Crystal Connection

Crystal Connection is founded by Anamika Rana (www.anamikarana.com). Over the years, she realized the power of healing crytals to heal a person’s physical, emotional, mental and materialistic imbalances. Her extreme passion and interest in astrology and healing brought her the knowledge about crystals for helping her clients around. As an initiative to spread this healing and knowledge, she started Crystal Connection where she researches and provides solutions using crystals as tools to heal various aspects of life be it career, business, health or relationships. In her experience of almost a decade, she has had multiple success stories through her practice of astrology and healing.

We provide a complete range of Crystal Healing Products in the form of Crystal Healing Wands, Crystal Pyramids, Chakra Healing Sets, Crystal Malas, Crystal Bracelets, Tumbled Stones, Crystal Trees, Crystal Angels, Crystal Spheres, Crystal Pencil Pendants, Crystal Hearts, Crystal Pendants, Charka Pendants, and many Feng Shui and Vastu Products all of which are personally energised and then sent to the clients.

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